Recommended Course - LA 399 - Internship

This is a self-directed course that provides academic credit for pre-approved internships relating to the practice of landscape architecture. Internships involve working for a minimum of eight weeks (320 hours) in a private or public landscape architecture office or in another professional experience associated with landscape architecture. Other experiences could include conservation work, research projects, or community engagement work.

Students typically complete their internship between the third and four years of the program. While engaged in the internship, students are required to maintain a Practice Portfolio and a Daily Journal of professional engagement. Following the internship, students share their experiences through a presentation to their peers about the projects or activities they participated in during the internship. One of the goals of the internship is to raise a student’s level of professional competence.

The Internship Learning Contract can be accessed here: PDF iconla_399_2016_internship_learning_contract.pdf

Here are just some of the places where our students have interned:

  • Carman
  • Urban Resource Group
  • Clotfelther-Samokar Architects
  • Woolpert
  • Mahan Rykeil Associates
  • Terrence J. Dewan and Associates
  • EDSA
  • Vision Engineering
  • SWA Group
  • Mesa Design Group
  • Carducci Associates
  • LandDesign
  • Douglas Hoerr
  • Salmon Challis National Forest
  • Collaborative West
  • Bohler Engineering
  • Human Nature
  • Mindel Scott & Associates
  • Student Conservation Association