Required Course LA 390 - International Travel

Study or travel abroad “is the ‘default’ topic that arises when we ask about global learning.”  Study abroad gives students an opportunity to “develop new perspectives, test new identities, and make new commitments to the world” and ultimately prepares them to more clearly discern today’s complex, diverse, rapidly changing, and connected global scenery. (Global Learning: Aligning Student Learning Outcomes with Study Abroad by Kevin Hovland)

Our program has developed four main destinations for international travel with one offered each academic year, but opportunities exist for other locations. Each of our courses complements the University of Kentucky’s goal of providing opportunities for global learning and, more specifically, offer Landscape Architecture students the opportunity to learn about sustainability, art, and functionality of human environments while being exposed to a different context and culture.

South Korea: Scarred Landscapes and Healing Processes: Developing Landscapes in the Korean Peninsula -- students will be offered a unique opportunity to visit the multi-faceted South Korean Peninsula from Seoul southeast through Gyeongju and Busan. They will learn first hand about Korea's efforts over the past six decades to recover from the devestation of the mid-20th century war while contrasting the urban and rural landscapes and associated cultures. The trip will showcase World Heritage sites and monuments dating back to the 7th century C.E. as well as the Seoul Metropolitan and 500 year old Capitol Region where the past and future co-exist.

British Columbia/Canada:  Viva! Vancouver: A Global Sustainable City -- students will primarily engage activities related to Vancouver's Greenest City Initiative - 2020 Action Plan Goals and learn how this initiative fits within a global context. Each day will be spent learning about and actively doing something related to the broad topic of sustainability and integrating that to create a higher quality of life; for example, a service-learning experience with the Stanley Park Ecological Society that will focus on urban park environmental renewal. Other site visits include the Vancouver Convention Center (LEED Platinum and 6-acre living roof), the 2010 Olympic Village neighborhood, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Park and Garden, and the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. Students will learn about how Vancouver is working toward its sustainability goals and compare and contrast them with what UK and Lexington are doing relative to sustainability. In the spirit of the Greenest City Initiative, we will rely on walking, bicycling, and public transportation while in Canada.