KLEAR research involves a number of projects developed over the course of several years. We are currently involved with characterizing subwatersheds in the Kentucky and Licking River Basins to potentially understand how to better manage land resources in the context of water quality. A longer term project involves the study of Appalachian headwater streams and their relationships with forestry operations. Some of the research involves documenting how the spatial characteristics of forested areas in Kentucky have changed over recent time scales. Natural resource focused research is one aspect of our work. We are also involved with several more urban condition based projects that seek to understand determinants of housing price in the context of specific land use policies, creation of an urban sprawl surface, and pedestrian environments. Further, we are exploring ways to interactively visualize land use suitability in the context of expert valuation. One project involves trying to predict the probability of urbanization based on previous urbanization and other landscape elements, restrictions, and attractions.