"our strength is our community"

- Ryan Hargrove | Associate Professor


The Department of Landscape Architecture's studios are in a dramatic lofted space in a renovated dairy barn on the UK campus. The 9,000 square foot loft facilitates our students' creativity, hard work, and their interactions with each other and the faculty. In the Barn, all LA studio classes are under one roof with space to support individual studios and program-wide events. Landscape architecture students have 24/7 access to their design space.

Faculty and department offices are located in the Agriculture Science Building, at the corner of S Limestone and Cooper Drive.



ned crankshaw with his bicycle

head shot of molly davis

small dog outside representing Karen Goodlet

ryan hargrove standing by metal sculpture

headshot of shelby jones

photograph of Jayoung Koo at a child's playground

headshot of brian lee

photograph of Jordan Phemister in front of plants

ryan sandwick headshot

chris sass headshot outside

photograph of Carolina Segura in Barcelona, Spain

photograph of woman hiking in a cave in Iceland representing Christina Wilson