The University of Kentucky's BSLA provides theoretical and historical foundations for landscape architecture, the opportunity to apply creative thinking to challenging design problems, and practical skillsets in site evaluation and design technologies. Students learn to create human environments that are sustainable, socially relevant, artful, and functional.


Travel and Field Study

There is no better way to learn about landscape architecture, urban design, and the natural environment than to experience them first-hand. Our classes travel throughout the United States to visit sites and resources and international study is a part of every graduate's education


Landscape architecture is a global profession. Landscape architects frequently work on design projects well beyond their own geographical locale and with international partners. Visiting historic and contemporary landscapes and urban design across the globe provides crucial examples and lessons for the 21st century landscape architect.    

For these reasons, international study is a crucial part of the Department of Landscape Architecture's curriculum. All students participate in at least one credit-bearing international study experience. Students may embark on solo learning experiences, such as international internships or a semester abroad. More commonly, our students enroll in one of our faculty-led study abroad courses, offered in the summer semester. 

In recent years, our students have traveled to China, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, France, and Canada. 

exterior wall of plants at CaixaForum museum in Madrid, Spain
view of forest path in the Pacific Northwest