LA 324 & 426 Fall 2014, 16 Weeks, 18 Students

A volunteer community group, Concerned Families of Bullitt County, reached out to the UKLA/CEDIK community design program in Spring 2014 for assistance to plan a trail segment in the central part of Bullitt County. The request was to perform a trail study and propose alternative trail route scenarios that would connect Floyd’s Fork and the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest. The community group persuaded the Bullitt County Fiscal Court to fund the trail research study. The funds were used to hire four undergraduate students from the Departments of Landscape Architecture (LA) and Natural Resources and Environmental Science (NRES). The students performed a suitability analysis as part of their summer internship and practical training. The design team completed the data-driven analysis and recommended six alternative routes to the community group and fiscal court in Spring 2015.

The collaboration continued throughout 2014 with a countywide community design service-learning project. During Fall 2014, senior students enrolled in a combined studio (LA 324/426) in the Department of Landscape Architecture worked on a countywide Greenway System project which addressed conservation, recreation, and alternative transportation goals, among others. In September 2014, the students facilitated a workshop in Bullitt County at the local cooperative extension office. The students led community leaders through four design activities: SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis; Goals and Objectives; Bubble Diagrams; and Preliminary Concepts. The Bullitt County Agriculture and Natural Resource (ANR) Extension Agent shared the history and other information about the county with the students. Through the service-learning project, the landscape architecture students prepared and delivered six Greenway System design recommendations to the community in December 2014. The Bullitt County Planning Commission reflected on the proposals and selected some of the preliminary ideas for inclusion in the county’s Comprehensive Plan Update in December 2014. The community partner acquired additional funding from an external organization soon after the service-learning project’s completion and participants are continuing discussions on implementing trails and the greenway.

Project Files: