North Limestone Public Spaces and Art Cover

LA 324 Fall 2015, 8 Weeks, 9 Students

Outcomes from Radical Walking greatly informed NoLi in regards to what future generations seek in the public spaces to promote a stronger sense of place for the community as a whole. Their ideas and inputs helped inform UKLA undergraduate students explore and reflect physical design ideas in the Fall of 2015. The findings were reflected in NoLi’s Cultural Plan for further development of creative placemaking and strengthening their community building capacity to improve community sustainability. Additionally, collaborators and community partners are planning to develop models and approaches that can increase community participation to be promoted and shared in similar communities.

In the fall of 2015, UKLA students enrolled in LA 324 Design Studio 4: Community Design and Engagement continued the sustainability effort and assisted NoLi in strengthening their leadership role; collaborating with partnerships; and engaging stakeholders by working on design projects reflecting the issues, needs, and visions of the youth in the North Limestone neighborhood. Students worked with NoLi CDC on North Limestone Public Spaces and Arts with a focus on youth voices. Students presented nine alternative public space and arts conceptual plans. They engaged with Fayette County Public School students and reflected youth ideas into the design proposals.

The design project emphasized the social sustainability of communities that eventually could and should influence the economic vitality and ecological integrity of the North Limestone neighborhood. UKLA facilitated a design workshop with students from the STEAM Academy who previously participated in the Radical Walks in the spring of 2015. Next, UKLA students prepared and presented preliminary public space and arts conceptual plan posters at the STEAM Academy where high school students from 8 classes provided feedback regarding likes, dislikes and further suggestions for UKLA students to consider for the final proposal. Ultimately, the UKLA students researched, analyzed, planned, designed, and presented reflective design suggestions for the North Limestone neighborhood during an 8-week project based on the ideas that community youth shared regarding the public spaces and arts in the North Limestone neighborhood. In the long-term, the UKLA design proposals will support the grass-roots efforts NoLi CDC is establishing in the north part of Lexington through NoLi’s Cultural Plan.