LA Majors - Computer Hardware Recommendations (see attachments below for both hardware and software)
Students are required to supply their own computer and software for use at the start of the Third Semester of
the Landscape Architecture Program (LA 222 studio).

The recommended minimum computer configuration below should be adequate to take you through at least

Windows laptop
‚Operating System: Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 - Professional (64 bit) version
‚i7 Processor
1 TB Hard Drive
16 GB RAM (8 GB will work)
Dedicated graphics card (like AMD or Nvidia) - not the Intel HDD on-board graphics
9 Cell Battery (better, longer lasting)
15.6" 1920 x 1080 display or larger
3 year warranty highly recommended
‚Damage Protection Plan for accidental damage (drops, liquids, etc.) highly recommended
Wireless (802.11 a/b/g/n) ethernet capability – good to have wired capability as well with either RJ45 ethernet
port or USB 3.0 ethernet adapter

Additional external monitor for dual monitor capability. Some laptops will require an HDMI cable or adapter
or MiniDisplayPort adapter to connect an external monitor.

Other recommended additions -
Additional 9 cell battery Additional AC adapter (one for studio, one for home)
Digital microphone/headset Webcam
External mouse Backpack or travel case
Apple laptop

‚ A Windows-based computer is the recommended system. If you purchase an Apple system then you should
select a hardware configuration equivalent to that detailed above.

Some of the software you will need to use only runs on the Windows operating system. To use it on an Apple
computer, you will need to have a working copy of Windows installed, either in a dual boot configuration or in
a “virtual machine” using emulation software. In either case, you will need to set aside a large amount of disk
space for Windows. You should have at least 500GB of open space on the hard drive.

‚ Running Windows on Apple/Mac options:
• Dual-boot requires BootCamp which is part of MacOS X.
• Virtualization requires one of these: VMware Fusion, Parallels or Oracle VirtualBox. VirtualBox is free.
The others can be purchased from any vendor. They cost about $40 from Amazon.
• Either method requires a legal copy of Windows.
NOTE: UKLA faculty and staff can only offer limited assistance in trouble-shooting Apple products. If you are not
fairly “computer savy” then stick with a Windows-based computer.

UK Contract Computer Purchase
The University has price contracts with Dell and Apple which includes student purchases.
You can browse for and/or purchase computers, accessories, etc., at http://www/
Dell -
Apple -

EndPoint Security Software - Free for UK students
Go to: and use your UK LinkBlue student account information to logon.
Either search for EndPoint or look under “Security” tab then download and install the file.
If you are unsure about what to download or need other assistance, feel free to contact LA personnel.
Note: Read the Software Recommendation handout for additional information.
Important Notice: While the University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Food & Environment, and the
Department of Landscape Architecture endeavor to provide a secure environment, we assume no responsibility
against theft or damage for equipment left in studios. Students are encouraged to secure their computers and
peripherals with lock-down devices. Students who wish insurance should seek personal policies or check for
coverage under their existing policies. Students are to take collective responsibility for being sure studio doors are
closed and locked at all times and for excluding people who do not belong in the studio. If for any reason students
encounter a problem, they should contact University security personnel.

PDF iconla_hardware_2017.pdf

PDF iconla_software_2017.pdf