Our curriculum prepares students for the intellectual and technical work of landscape architects in the 21st Century.
The need for professionals who understand and can solve the world's environmental issues grows more pressing every year. We prepare our students to participate in these challenges as landscape architects who design places that support human endeavors and that sustain the future viability of urban and rural environments. Our faculty are actively engaged in research, consulting, and community engagement work that builds new knowledge, solves problems, and increases their ability to teach effectively.

We use the resources of a leading university.
We have designed our curriculum to take advantage of the wide array of disciplines and the accomplished faculty at the University of Kentucky. Our department's course offerings are supplemented with outstanding courses in Geography, Architecture, Plant and Soil Sciences, Forestry, and many other disciplines.

We are in a region that offers academic challenges, opportunities, and examples for the study of landscape architecture.
We take advantage of our location in Lexington and the Bluegrass region. Lexington is a medium-size city with a rich history and a population that values culture, entertainment, and quality of life. Lexington is in the center of the Bluegrass - one of the most specialized agricultural regions in the country - and has been a leader in planning for agricultural sustainability through strong urban planning and growth control.

Our program is distinguished by...

Our studio facilities
All of our students have access to their own work area in one of the four studios in the E.S. Good Barn. The Barn is a very large dairy barn that was part of the College of Agriculture's farm facilities when they were on campus. The loft with its 25 foot high vaulted ceilings has been converted into large open studios. The studios are locked at the end of the day, but open 24 hours to students who are given the security code for entry.

The high quality of student work
Landscape Architecture students at the University of Kentucky produce excellent work that is extremely competitive with their peers around the country. Our four-year program is carefully designed so that students develop increased sophistication and mastery of their work as they progress toward graduation.

Frequent travel and field study
We believe that advanced learning takes place when students experience places that are examples of the issues they learn about on campus. Studio groups often travel within the region to visit project sites, learn about environmental issues, or experience professional work. There is a wide range of natural environments within Kentucky, and Cincinnati and Louisville are easily accessible for urban experiences. We also travel nationally and internationally on departmental and college sponsored trips.

Service learning projects and studios which simulate the work of a professional
Our department has long emphasized the importance of community service projects as an important part of professional preparation. Students work on site design, urban design, and community planning projects for community clients that occupy portions of all studio levels. The community engagement studio specifically focuses on methods for working effectively on projects with involved community partners.

Our working drawings studio is one of the few courses in the country that challenges students to work through the entire process of a site design project, from conceptual design to contract drawings. Students' drawing packages include a full set of drawings at a level of technical expertise that is equivalent to that of professional firms.