Landscape Architecture Extension Archive

UKLA provides design assistance to communities throughout the state upon requests that match the specialties, interests, or availability of faculty and staff. We are committed to providing plans and design projects that are sustainable, ecologically sound, potentially economically stimulating, and supportive of community health. Students frequently assist faculty on the facilitation and development of aesthetically pleasing yet decision-driven functional designs.

Contact Associate Extension Professor Jayoung Koo for more information.

Warsaw Walkability Assessment and Trail System Planning

2016-17, 10 weeks

Internship, 4 students

North Limestone Public Spaces and Art Cover

North Limestone Public Spaces and Art

2015, 8 weeks

LA 324, 9 students

Gateway to the Gap: Connecting Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and Middlesboro via the Boone Trace

2014, 16 weeks

LA 975, 14 students

Partnership with Discover Downtown Middlesboro, Inc. (DDM) and the National Park Service (NPS) to provide technical assistance for a trail system in Middlesboro, KY.