Our Landscape Architecture students have traveled a lot during the 16-17 academic year.

This summer, a few of our students studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark where they learned about strategies for urban livability. This experience was hosted through DIS.

Other students studied abroad in Canada where they explored the urban settings of Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City. The focus on the trip was on photography and urban space documentation. Students also received instruction on photographic techniques while compiling an artful record of their experiences.

Quebec City

In the spring, some of our students traveled to College Park, Maryland where they attended LABASH. Students got to participate in a wide-range of workshops and attend informational sessions on careers in landscape architecture. In 2018 LABASH will be held at Penn State University. Bringing together landscape architecture students from around the country, LABASH is an annual event that enables undergraduates to network and learn more about the field of landscape architecture.


This spring, Professor Ryan Hargrove led a group of student on a Creative Study Tour of New York City. The Creative Study Tour challenges students to explore their creative thinking process through the framework of metacognition (thinking about thinking). Each year the Creative Study Tour participants visit an amazing collection of creative professionals (graphic designers, landscape architects, children’s book authors, chefs, singer/songwriters, architects, illustrators, fashion designers, and many more). The meetings are typically informal and explore the themes of person, place, and story.


Author: Tasha Cotter
Contact: 859-323-4995