Recruiting future Landscape Architects is vital to the Landscape Architecture program at UK. Since coming on board with the program in October 2016, UK Landscape Architecture Academic Coordinator Tasha Cotter has participated in over fifty on and off campus events, promoting the department and encouraging prospective students to consider a major in Landscape Architecture. During the month of February, she will participate in the following recruitment activities:

  • Presentation to the Advanced Horticulture class at Seneca High School in Louisville, KY
  • Presentation to Architectural Drafting students at Glasgow High School in Glasgow, KY
  • Discuss the Landscape Architecture major and career path at UK Career Center on-campus fair
  • Exhibiting at the Kentucky School Counselors Association in Lexington, KY

These events allow the department to introduce the major to prospective students, and it’s also a way to familiarize teachers and guidance counselors with the major.


Terms: Recruitment