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Limited program enrollment
We limit our enrollment to maintain accreditation standards for student/faculty ratios and to provide an optimal educational environment. Twenty-five students may enter the beginning design studio, which is offered in the second semester of the curriculum. Entry into the landscape architecture major is contingent on your admission to the University of Kentucky and successful completion of our selective aptitude assessment. Acceptance is competitive and only the top 25 applicants are guaranteed admission into the program.

Selective admissions exam
Our selective aptitude assessment is a good predictor of your aptitude for landscape architecture. It will test your ability to think analytically, to respond creatively, and to see and understand three-dimensional space. The assessment takes four hours to complete, but may be broken into multiple sections to allow for breaks. The assessment is given on an individual basis in our office.

Many students who are interested in landscape architecture as a major take the assessment while they are in high school. They often schedule the assessment to coincide with a day when they will be making a campus visit. In exceptional circumstances when students may have difficulty getting to campus, we can arrange to have a high school guidance counselor proctor the assessment.

Students who discover landscape architecture after they arrive on campus may take the assessment at any time, but we encourage you to take it as early as possible. Successful admission into the professional program entitles you to start the four-year studio sequence the next spring semester. Knowing your admission status as soon as possible allows you to enroll in appropriate courses and to complete your studies without delay.

You may schedule a time to sit for the assessment by contacting the Department of Landscape Architecture by phone at 859-257-7295 or email