What is Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is a profession concerned with creative stewardship of land, the design of sustainable human communities, and the aesthetic quality of places. Most landscape architects work in consulting firms, smaller numbers work in public agencies, universities, and in design–build firms. The scale of our work ranges from regional planning down to very small urban sites. The great bulk of landscape architects' work is in the development of urban, suburban, and rural properties for new educational, commercial, residential, and recreational uses. Landscape architects are engaged in site planning and site design for these projects and work closely with environmental scientists, architects, engineers, and regulatory agencies. Our work requires design sensibility, technical skill, environmental awareness, and the ability to work with people. 

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i want to be a landscape architect

I want to be a landscape architect...

Video created by the Landscape Institute, Room 60 and iwanttobealandscapearchitect.org 

Landscape Architecture ... the creative profession which combines art and science with design and the environment. Landscape architecture is about everything outside the front door, from urban to rural, at the interface between people and natural systems. This video demonstrates the vast scale of the profession from masterplanning and managing landscapes like national parks and areas of natural beauty to designing the public squares and developments that we all use; landscape architecture nurtures communities and makes the environment human and livable. Landscape Architecture is not just the profession of the future ... but the profession for a better future.

Source: Landscape Architecture. Retrieved March 19, 2013, from www.iwanttobealandscapearchitect.org