This summer four multi-disciplinary students are participating in an internship with CEDIK as part of the Downtown Revitalization Project. According to the CEDIK blog, "our community design specialist, Ryan Sandwick, is leading an intern cohort in Manchester, KY. Consisting of 4 multi-disciplinary interns this effort has been specifically tailored for Manchester, where the students will study the city’s built and natural environments to determine the DNA of the downtown. This information will then be used to create a menu of potential projects for the city which can be used as a foundation for future revitalization efforts."

The student interns include: 

Brittany Sams
Hometown: Maysville, KY
University: University of Kentucky
Major: Graduate student in Historic Preservation

Kenneth Riggs
Hometown: Acworth, GA
University: University of Kentucky
Major: Graduate student in Architecture

Melissa Habermehl
Hometown: Covington, KY
University: University of Kentucky
Major: Undergraduate student in Landscape Architecture

Ronnie Sloan
Hometown: Louisville, KY
University: Berea College
Major: Undergraduate student in Environmental Policy

According to UK Community Design Specialist, Ryan Sandwick, "The best way to learn about a community is to embed yourself in it, and this cohort is structured to learn as much about the city as possible. Each Thursday the interns are setting up a mobile design studio in downtown Manchester while working from The Makery on Main St.  While in town each week the interns will be inventorying the local assets, evaluating how people experience and interact with the downtown, and working with local stakeholders and authorities to ground their findings in the local interests. With open office hours from 11:30 – 1:00 pm each Thursday, they will be available to meet with anyone and everyone who is interested in discussing the possibilities for the future of downtown Manchester. This will allow local partners and stakeholders the ability to provide ongoing input and guidance throughout the project, while affording the students the ability to get an authentic feel for the city."


Community members participate in a visual preference study on Main street in Manchester, Kentucky.

Community Design

Community members participate in a visual preference study, indicating which pictures they prefer.

Author: Ryan Sandwick
Contact: 859-323-4995