Ryan Hargrove
Associate Professor

Additional Information

Design education is a place where creativity and spontaneity should guide exploration and serve as a basis for learning. My goal as an educator is to create responsible and creative designers. In order to reach this goal I attempt to build an understanding of how design students learn the skills and knowledge to be productive and innovative designers. Recognizing possibilities requires that designers have an understanding of design thinking and process.

I currently teach fourth year design studios and a materials and methods course focusing on sustainable material use and LEED certification. I also have developed a creative thinking course that is offered annually. My research involves the development of innovative teaching methods. This area of research encompassing design education and creative thinking is a critical component in the advancement of design thinking needed to meet the challenges of the present and future.

Recent Publications
The Role of Technology in Developing Students– Creative Thinking Abilities, ICERI Annual Conference, Madrid, Spain, 2009.

Hargrove, Ryan, et al. Design Thinking in the Design Disciplines. North Carolina State University College of Design. 2009.

Creating Creative Designers: Assessing the Short and Long-Term impact of Metacognitive Skill Development, ECLAS Annual Conference, Alnarp, Sweden, 2008.

Creating Creativity in the Design Studio, CELA Annual Conference, Penn State University, 2007.