About Us

About Us

photograph of students and faculty at Lower Howard's Creek.

About Us

Our strength is our community.

The Department of Landscape Architecture is a community of designers – students, faculty, and staff members – who understand landscape architecture as a design discipline with far-reaching ability to harmonize human culture, the natural world, and the built environment. We are driven by a commitment to educate the next generation of designers who will continually advance and transform the practice of landscape architecture. Our faculty members represent a wide range of expertise and research interests, but we are universally dedicated to the quality of our undergraduate program. Our teaching and learning environment is focused on individual success and creating space for educational enrichment. International and domestic travel, engagement in thorny regional design issues, and student internships all build on the curriculum to allow students to craft their own set of challenges and experiences. Graduates leave the landscape architecture program ready for practice in landscape architecture, graduate education, and a wide variety of related career paths. We maintain relationships with alumni that have grown a strong network of opportunities for new graduates.

Students in the Department of Landscape Architecture find a supportive and engaging collegial home within the larger milieu of the University of Kentucky. From this home base, our department collaborates in teaching and research with faculty members in the environmental sciences and horticulture at one end of the spectrum, and with architecture, historic preservation, and interior design at the other end.

Contact Information

Christopher K. Sass, Ph. D.
Associate Professor and Chair

S305 Agriculture Science Building 1100 S. Limestone Lexington, KY 40546-0091

+1 (859) 257-7295