Ryan Hargrove

Ryan Hargrove

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Ryan Hargrove, PhD

Associate Professor

230N Gray Design Building



Ryan Hargrove received his doctoral degree from North Carolina State University. At NC State University he conducted research in design education, examining how to enhance students’ creative thinking abilities. Building a research program grounded in design thinking and metacognition Ryan has continued to pursue the development of innovative teaching methods. This area of research encompassing design education and creative thinking is now being recognized as a critical component in the advancement of design thinking needed to meet the challenges of the present and future. Ryan is currently continuing several research projects focusing on creative thinking and innovative teaching methods. His findings have led to the creation of a course that is currently being implemented as a part of the UK Core curriculum. Ryan teaches various design studios as well as a materials and methods course focusing on exploring and evaluating the use of new materials, assemblies, and implementation methodologies. His future research exists at the intersection of design pedagogy, creative thinking, metacognition, and technology.  

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Christopher K. Sass, Ph. D.
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